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Drive Capital’s Chris Olsen sees the Midwest as the ‘frontier of innovation’ after 5 years in Ohio

By Anna Hensel · February 20, 2018

When Sequoia Capital partners Chris Olsen and Mark Kvamme left Silicon Valleyto start their new venture capital firm in Columbus, Ohio, they bet their careers on the idea that the Midwest was one of the biggest overlooked investment opportunities.

Today, there’s still no equivalent of Sand Hill Road in the Midwest. But […]

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Businesses Move To The Midwest, First Stop: Columbus

By Tom Walker · February 18, 2018
According to VentureOhio’s 2017 Venture Report, more VC funding is currently flowing through Ohio than at any point in the state’s history. In fact, in 2016, $470 million was invested in 210 startups, a 46 percent increase over the previous two years. On top of that, Columbus, its capital city, is […]

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An Alternate Universe of Shopping, in Ohio

By David Gelles
COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a scorching day outside, hot even for late summer in Ohio, and yet I was freezing. I had stepped inside the EB Ice Box, a meat-locker-like display at the Eddie Bauer store here that was cooled to 13 degrees Fahrenheit. The metal-sheathed room looked out onto the promenade of […]

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Columbus ranks No. 3 in small-business growth gauge

By Mark Williams · October 19, 2017

Columbus is among the top metropolitan areas in the country by one measure of small business growth.

The study from the Kauffman Foundation, looking at the nation’s 40 biggest metro areas, puts central Ohio at No. 3 trailing only No. 1 Washington, D.C., and No. 2 Austin, Texas. Columbus’ ranking is […]

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Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland among top 10 cities for finding and enjoying a job – Glassdoor report

By Carrie Ghose · September 13, 2017

Columbus is the seventh-best metropolitan area in the United States for finding a satisfying job in a livable city, according to the latest ranking by workplace review website Glassdoor.

The capital city is followed in the top 10 by Cincinnati and Cleveland in the Best Cities for Jobs index – scored […]

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By The Daily Dose · September 28, 2017
Exposed pipes run above a pod of hot desks, crammed with hoodie-clad software engineers tapping at their laptops. Though millions of dollars are being generated here, it’s not your typical corporate environment; the buzzy room is brightened by floor-to-ceiling windows, bean-bag breakout areas and a scattering of succulents. In […]

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Sign of the Times: Columbus Wins Facebook

Facebook deal shows central Ohio has joined the big leagues.

By Jeff Bell · September 25, 2017

Persistence paid off big time for New Albany in its pursuit of a $750 million Facebook data center project that will bring about 100 high-paying jobs to the city and burnish central Ohio’s growing reputation as a go-to region for companies […]

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Columbus connection named as finalist for Hyperloop transportation

By Kimball Perry · September 14, 2017

Tired of commuting between his Dublin home and Chicago office, Tim Powell is excited about how Hyperloop One could help him — but he has lots of questions.

“Is it safe? Would I throw up?” Powell, 45, asked.

Powell and central Ohio inched closer Thursday to getting to Chicago in 29 minutes using the […]

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Warehouse and Distribution Center Site Selection: Seeking a skilled workforce

While warehouse and distribution centers (DCs) have historically been located where land is cheap and transportation networks are excellent, today’s criteria needs to include a skilled workforce ready to manage an increasingly digital operation.

By Karen E. Thuermer · July 6, 2017

In this increasingly virtual world, retail stores may be disappearing, but distribution centers (DCs) continue to be fundamental for […]

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Columbus region among 8 picked for research project on global trade

By Doug Buchanan • June 30, 2017
The Columbus region will join seven other metropolitan areas as part of a Brookings Institution effort to study effective trade strategies both globally and regionally.
Columbus was picked to join the study group through a competitive application process, according to Columbus 2020, and will work with the other metro areas and Brookings to assess […]

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